Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my Dad! I know my Dad doesn't normally read the blog - but here's just a few little facts about my Daddy!!

My Dad is a very hardworking, loyal, honest, fun-loving and fun guy! I can remember growing up, when Dad was working long, late nights, us kids would get to trade nights going out to work with Dad while he was baling hay. I remember laying across the seat of the truck, watching a little black and white tv, head on Daddy's lap and listening to the baler making a very repetitive sound. I remember hanging out in the yard, taking rides on the old red tractor up and down the driveway. I remember going with Dad to the bowling alley to buy or turn in lottery tickets, just me and him. I loved taking rides with him on the back of his motorcycle, in the evenings just to fill it up with gas. Dad was always there for all of our softball practices, games, band parades and concerts! Now Dad is "Papa" to our children. He is the greatest Papa to Ryan...letting Ryan water the trees and grass (and occasionally himself!), reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear in his own special way that Ryan prefers to my reading of the story and sharing fruit snacks and frosted animal cookies!

Dad, we love you very much! Happy Father's Day - we hope you enjoy your day doing something you love to do!


Happy Father's Day to Jake, too! I love to see you interact with Ryan...he loves spending time with you, mowing the lawns, riding the 3-wheeler/or quad, watching sports on tv and being just plain goofy together! You're a good daddy and Ryan is lucky to have you! :)