Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Seriously, one more thing to add to my list of anxieties? The Swine Flu? I'd like to believe that because neither myself nor my family have been hanging out in the pig pen in the recent past, we have nothing to fear! However, because there are large number of cases being found throughout the U.S. and possibly as close as the neighboring County, how can I not be a little afraid. I am trying to keep Ryan's hands clean and out of his mouth (does his hands being in his mouth give him a higher chance of catching something?) which requires us washing his hands in the sink with warm water and soap, not the usual wet papertowel or baby wipe.

So as Ryan says, don't be "dity" (translation: dirty) and stay away from the pigs (or whatever is causing this flu!).

Friday, April 24, 2009

Things to Remember

Tonight after work Jake and I were sitting in the living room talking and laughing with Ryan. He is always doing something funny and the best part is that he KNOWS when it should be funny because he throws his head back in laughter too! While sitting watching him play tonight I began to think about how fast time has already gone by and that it's so hard to believe that in just a few short months (ok, 5, but they do go by quick) he will be 2 years old! I really never want to forget all the fun things Ryan is doing right now so I thought I would make a list:

  • When you tell Ryan "bye" he always blows kisses.
  • He loves to have keys in his hand when he plays in his car.
  • When the George Lopez theme song comes on, he will stop whatever he is doing, smile big and stare at the TV (because in case you've been hiding under a rock and haven't seen the show opening, they look to be jumping on a trampoline and he loves to watch them pop up on the screen)!
  • He is stubborn!
  • He wants to feed himself, even if it involves a fork or spoon, a little mess never hurt anyone.
  • He is such a good sleeper. I'm talkin' goes to bed by 8:00 p.m. and sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG, waking between 7:30 on the weekdays and 9:00 on the weekends.
  • He loves Harley (the dog).
  • He knows our neighbor's names are Mike (he calls him Mikey) and Starr!
  • Anytime he hears a motorcycle, loud truck or airplane, he comes running to me asking, "What's that?" and then "oooh"!
  • He is a Mommy's boy (although this is a bad thing when Mommy needs a break)!
  • He knows all his body parts and can point to them when asked. He blinks his eyes when you ask where his eyes are.
  • He loves to hear "secrets" if you whisper in his ear. Now he will whisper back even though they aren't words, it is the sweetest sound and then he giggles!
He's such an awesome kid and I'm so very blessed to be his Mommy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rockin' Robin - Tweet Tweet...

Do you "tweet" on Twitter? Are you a "tweeter"? Ha! It's such a funny word and sounds even funnier when you talk about it with someone who has no idea what Twitter actually is. This weekend we had dinner at Jake's cousin's house and somehow we got on the topic of Twitter. It could be because a few of us present at dinner (they shall go unnamed to protect their privacy!) are addicted to Facebook! I am not one of those people! I tried Facebook out for a very short period of time because curiosity got the best of me! Well, the truth is that I wanted to find out what it was that could attract Jake's attention almost more than ESPN (OH - I forgot I wasn't going to mention names!!). I was jealous of the friendships he was revisiting based upon a Facebook Friend Invite. However, I just didn't like the very public correspondence on the "Wall-to-Wall" that everyone else could read. So I deleted my account. I'll stick with MySpace - though I've threatened to delete that, too - and my blog!

So anyway, back on subject, are we really that obsessed with other people's lives and wanting to know what they're doing minute-by-minute that we have to follow them on Twitter? Do you really want to read that I just "made some Banana Oatmeal, got a Diet Coke from the fridge and now I'm creating a new post on my blog"? Well, there you have it, the closest thing I'll get to Tweeting!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter, Good Friends and Comedy

We've had a busy week now that Ryan is feeling better! The weather has been crazy - started off cool this week with freeze warnings during the nights and temperatures hit close to 90 today.

Here's a picture of the first night Ryan started to get sick - the first sign he was sick?? Him laying still in my lap for more than 2 seconds! Of course he doesn't go far without his ni-night these days (the blue blanket).

And here is what Ryan has been found doing in the back yard recently - he LOVES to play in the dirt and so we let him dig and play in the flower beds - please don't remind me that flower beds are supposed to actually have FLOWERS in them - it's a work in progress!

Easter was great this year! Easter morning Jake and Ryan mowed the back yard to get the house nice and ready for our family that was coming for lunch.

Ryan got to spend time with his cousins and seemed to enjoy the Easter Egg hunt - although it mostly included him picking up every other egg he saw (because they were thrown all over the yard), shaking it to death and asking "num-num?" which is what he affectionately calls candy! It was difficult to get a good picture but here are just a few of the yard and Ryan hunting eggs.

And here's Grammy helping Ryan to find the last egg that all the kids missed during their thorough examination of the yard!

Yesterday I got a chance to stop by my old job to visit with some friends. In case they're reading, I want to say "hi" again and tell you that I truly miss you girls!! It was so nice to be able to chat and catch up on a few new things in all your lives, however, 45 minutes is not nearly enough time to catch up on everything! Especially when we spent 15 minutes talking about our hairstylists (or, lack thereof) and how fabulous you all look! So, we will do it again and next time I won't wait so long before I come around! Thanks for following us on the blog!

Last night we had tickets to see Jeff Dunham (an excellent Comedian) in Fresno! It was a great night out with family and friends but we forgot the camera at home so you get no pictures of us on our big night out.

Because (Uncle) David and (Auntie) Michelle are in town this weekend, Ryan and I got to hang out with Auntie and Grammy shopping in Fresno today. We had a really good day. Ryan was in such a great mood and even got to stay at Grammy and Papa's house this afternoon while I came home to clean and do some laundry! Last time I called, he was sitting in Papa's lap watching the race on T.V. and acting like he was driving a car too! Hopefully they get some good pictures of the little man in action and I'll post those soon!

For now, I'm off to get some things ready for a few friends who are coming over to watch the fights tonight - and then to pick up Ryan from his afternoon play date! Thanks Grammy, Papa, Auntie and Uncle for keeping Ryan for a little while today!! :)

Oh, and one last picture of the little man on his slide in his Canada pajamas!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Quick Upate

Ryan is back to his normal self today! He was feverish yesterday but was playing a little more and slept great last night. Today he woke up ready to play, play, play! I took him back to the Dr. today just to be sure he didn't get an ear infection or anything else after his fever broke yesterday. The Dr. gave him a clean bill of health and told me to just keep an eye on him if I think he's caught something later on.

Right now Ryan is at his Nanny's house with his cousins, they are coloring Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets. When I walked out the door I'm not even sure he thought twice about me leaving...he was already sitting at the table with an egg in one hand and a marker in the other! I'll post pictures of his masterpieces after I pick him up in a little while.

Happy Friday (Good Friday) all!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snuggling, Whining and Fevers

That about sums up the events that have taken place in our home over the past 24 hours. Last night when Ryan got home from his Nanny's house, he ate dinner fairly well (Spaghetti may have been spread across his face and all over the high chair but he did manage to get some in his mouth!) and took a nice, long bath. Once out of the bath Ryan didn't want out of my arms. We managed to get a diaper on him and wrapped him in a blanket. I decided to let the dirty kitchen remain dirty and took the opportunity to snuggle with my growing boy. I held him and rocked him for about 45 minutes and he sat as still as could be. While rocking I asked him, "Ryan, are you sick?" And he replied, "Ya" (even though I'm not sure he knows the difference between "Ya" and "No"). When he went to bed he was whiny and restless all night. This morning he was running 101+ fever and again wanted to be held and snuggled. I wrapped him in a blanket and rocked him this morning for another 40 minutes before we ran to town to the Dr. Apparently he is fighting some sort of infection but I'm not sure what kind. He does not have ear infections and the test for Influenza A & B both came back negative. I did come to work this afternoon and apparently he is still feverish and falling in and out of sleep on the couch at Nanny's house this afternoon. Please say a quick prayer that my little munchkin is up and running around in no time! As much as I love the cuddle time, I would much rather him be feeling like his normal self!

On a side note, I'm wondering: Do you all have a favorite drink from Sonic!? I have recently discovered the Vanilla Diet Coke and I'm in LOVE! Not a huge fan of diet sodas but the comination of crushed ice and vanilla make this soda fabulous! In fact, Happy Hour starts in T-30 minutes and I'm so there!! Ha!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recap of our Day

Today we took Ryan to the car show in Tulare. We thought it would be nice to get out of the house for a bit and that Ryan would probably enjoy seeing all the cars and motorcycles (or, "vroom-vroom's" as he calls them!). As you can see in the pictures below, he enjoyed the outing!

Here's Ryan standing next to one of the cars he liked.

And here's Ryan sitting on Tim's bike.

(Tim won 1st place in his division and won "Best in Show" as in best overall including all the motorcycles, cars and trucks! Way to go Tim!)

In between walking up and down the street, Ryan wandered (with me following close behind of course) to the DJ stand. He stood in the parking lot and danced away! It was so cute, I wish I would have thought to get a short clip of it on the camera. He's quite an entertainer!

We were only at the car show for less than 2 hours. Ryan fell asleep on the way home and ended up taking a 4 hour nap this afternoon!

This evening we BBQ'd and ate dinner, hung out with our neighbors for a little while and now Ryan is sleeping peacefully for the night.

Hope your Saturday was as Fabulous as ours!