Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have got an itch to be crafty again! I have found a way to "mistreat" my windows and as soon as I can get to a fabric store, my living room and master bedroom will thank me!!

I've also got an idea for a really cute hand-made gift for a certain upcoming holiday. I am going to head to Michael's tomorrow to purchase everything I need for my newest craft venture. I can't be any more specific regarding what I will be making because I will be making them for all my nieces and nephews (including unborn Baby Boy F - he can save it for next year)! I can hardly wait to get them done so I can deliver them to you guys!

Ahhh --- I may just go ask Jake if he wants to go to Michael's right now!

We went to a graduation party today for a friend of ours who just graduated from the California Highway Patrol Academy. It was pretty cool to see the video of his graduation. A total of 117 Officers graduated. Congratulations Matt! I also have to brag on Ryan for a minute - usually when we go to outings Ryan is clingy on me and shy with the other kids. Today though, Ryan walked straight through the house and to the backyard where all the kids were playing. He was SO GOOD! After about 2 hours at the party, he was ready for a nap when we got home!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Stay tuned for the reveal of the new crafts!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My birthday weekend

Today I am 28! I've had a great birthday day and look forward to my birthday weekend!

I woke up to a cute note left by Jake next to my purse: "Happy B-day, Love You!"

And a cute gift bag was left on my chair at work by my co-workers after I left the office that it was waiting for me when I arrived this morning. They know me well - the gift bag included Bath & Body Works lotion and shower gel along with some cute new earrings and a necklace! Love those girls -- thanks, girls!

A few hours into the day, I was called to the front lobby and a delivery person was standing in the lobby with an adorable gift. It was from a local Candy Boutique and there were 2 cupcake candles inside with some Hershey's Kisses sprinkled throughout. Thank you Debbie!

I LOVE my birthday! And, as Michelle reminded me, it is sort of a funny joke that it usually rains on my birthday! There is rain in the forecast for late this evening and the weekend - but it's held off so far today.

Tonight Mom, Dad, Doyle, Arline, Jake and Ryan took me out to dinner. Mexican food is my favorite so today has been my idea of perfect!

Tomorrow evening we are going to have a few friends over to watch Supercross. It will be my birthday weekend all weekend long! Hopefully I will get to sleep in a little and enjoy some family time this weekend.

Thank you, everyone, for all the birthday wishes on Facebook, e-mail and text messages!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look out for the crazy driver!

A little public service announcement to all our neighbors who like to enjoy outdoor activities that may involve walking and/or standing on the sidewalks:

Look out for the crazy driver!

Beware of sudden stops...

And reverse driving...

And for the next 14 (or so) years, the streets will be safe while Ryan drives on the sidewalks!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend Recap

Our Valentine's Day celebration started a little early, on Saturday! Jake asked if we had any plans for the night and my usual response, "none that I know of." He informed me that we did, in fact, have plans and that I should be prepared to go somewhere. I was wearing my pajamas still and asked if I could go like that or should I take a shower and get "ready?" A little later that morning, Jake took Ryan with him to his parents' house to help replace a washing machine while I ran into town.

I met Jake and Ryan at his parents' house after I ran my errands and while there his mom asked if Ryan could come back later to have a slumber party with all his cousins. They had plans to order pizza and hang out playing games and watching movies. Of course that sounded like a fabulous idea so Jake and I could go out on our date.

A few hours later, after Ryan had a bath and we were all ready for our date, we dropped Ryan off with Nanny and Papa and headed to Hanford for dinner. We tried out the new Restaurant, Luna, and thought the food and the atmosphere in the restaurant were fabulous! Then we headed to the movies and watched Dear John - loved it! I decided I wanted to pick up Ryan and bring him home instead of leaving him to sleep there because I wanted him to be home on Valentine's Day morning to open his gift from us and to eat a big breakfast with us!

Sunday morning I woke up early, laid on the couch for 45 minutes reading my book and enjoying the quiet, still house. Before Ryan woke up I made breakfast - French Toast, bacon and sausage - and an English Muffin for me! Just as we finished eating breakfast, Ryan woke up and was sweet as could be!

Ryan opened his Valentine's Day present from Mommy & Daddy. Then Jake opened his gift from Mommy! (Jake had given me a Rose on Saturday.) Ryan finished off the sausage and spent the rest of the day playing with his toys and playing outside - the weather was beautiful this weekend!

Today, President's Day, was a nice, lazy day at home with Ryan. Jake had to work til early afternoon so Ryan and I hung out doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and playing. I had to make a run to WalMart this afternoon and Ryan came along. While we waited in the checkout line Ryan wanted a bag of Doritos. He was so good in the store, not begging for anything, that I bought the bag for him. He started eating them in the car and as we were almost home I asked him if the chips were good. He didn't answer. I asked him again if he liked his chips. Again, no answer. I turned around and found Ryan sound asleep in his car seat with his hand still in the bag of chips!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day with the ones you love! I'll be sure to add pictures to my next post - these picture less posts are getting boring!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"You're Here!"

Last night I went to play Bingo with some gal pals for our February birthdays! Jake kept Ryan home while I got some much needed girl time in.

This morning when I went into Ryan's room to get him up, this is the conversation that occurred:

Me: (Not turning on the light because every morning he requests only the hall light be turned on!) "Good Morning Sunshine!"

Ryan: "Mommy! You're here!"

Me: "Yes baby, I'm here!"

Ryan: "I miss you!"

Me: "Awe, I missed you too!"

Ryan: "I love you!" (always with emphasis on the word love!)

Me: "I love you too baby!"

Ryan: "Me not a baby!"

HAHAH!!! I love him so much - he just melts my heart with the sweet things he says these days.

And that's all I've got for you today.
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Does that make me a bad Momma?

Ryan decided to start potty training ALL ON HIS OWN last night - used the toilet 3 times before he went to bed, even! Today I am told he only used the toilet once while at his Nanny's house. Since I've been home from work this evening, Ryan has not asked to use the toilet at all. I asked him several times and he finally agreed that he needed to. THREE TIMES we have gone into the bathroom and waited, and waited and he still did not go. Five minutes after finally getting a diaper back on him, he decided he needed to go and my response, "You're wearing a diaper Ryan - I'm not playing around with you on the toilet!" HAHA. I feel terrible now that I think about it and can't believe I'm blogging it but I like to be honest!! :) I know we have a long way to go in the potty training adventure - I'm just looking for someone to be honest with me about how difficult it really can be.

It's about 45 minutes before Ryan's bed time - think I can convince him to go to bed early so I can go to bed, too?