Monday, June 29, 2009

Are we making progress people?

I am happy to report that today was the first day in a really, really long time that Ryan did not cry when I dropped him off at Nanny's this morning! Seriously, he has cried and clung to my leg every. single. day. for I don't know how long now. It's depressing leaving him off thinking maybe he really does miss me during the day! I know how much fun I can be to hang out with - I mean, who else watches Barney on replay over and over again, lets him sit on the counter while I make sugar cookies and lick the beater when I'm done and laughs and plays and kisses him more than me!?!? I LOVE THIS KID! :)

Here's to hoping there are no tears shed tomorrow morning (by me or him!).

Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Proposal

Last night Jake and I had a "date night" complete with dinner AND a movie, imagine that! It was a nice night, dinner at our favorite Mexican food restaurant and a quick stop at the mini mart to purchase drinks and a snack before heading to the movies. The Proposal was the movie of my choice but Jake went along with it; I mean, it was his Father's Day gift after all, so wasn't it my job to choose the movie for him?! I think Jake will agree that if you want to see a light-hearted, funny movie, you should definitely go see The Proposal (with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds) because if for no other reason than the theater is not as packed as the new Transformers movie just out - talk about LONG lines and packed theaters!

In other, not-so-exciting news, Ryan has a double ear infection (or, as the Dr. put it, ear infection in the right ear and start of one in his left ear). We're hopeful the antibiotics will kick in high gear before Saturday when we're hosting a small Diaper Party/BBQ for David & Michelle at our house. I'm making a trip to Wal-Mart today to load up on all the antibacterial cleaning supplies I'll need to get the house in tip-top shape before the BBQ.

I want to give a quick "shout out" to my new blogging friend, The Cookie Mama because you'll just die when you see how amazingly talented she is!

Stay tuned for a link to the Etsy Shop where Debbie and I will begin selling our handmade hairbows, headbands, tutus and much more online!! I am very excited about the Etsy Shop but first I have to get enough goodies made for the 4th of July Celebration where we're hosting a booth to sell our stuff (and finish a tutu for my friend, Annie's daughter, which I promise I haven't forgotten about Annie!). THEN the Etsy Shop will be stocked and ready for mass distribution! Ha!

This brings us to the end of the blog post for today. Sorry for a pictureless post, I'll make up for it next time!

Friday, June 12, 2009


It has been years since I've worn a watch everyday - in fact, it was probably about 8 years ago, when I was attending San Joaquin Valley College and was enrolled in the Health Professionals Course (or whatever it was called)! I did love the white uniforms, the medical terminology and the wearing of a watch everyday!
Last week I was forwarded a link for ToyWatch, an extremely expensive brand of amazing watches that have been seen on the wrists of many celebrities recently and fell in love with these watches. In an effort to find one at not quite the same expense, I did a search on e-bay. And lucky me, found several of these watches that I just had to have (not that I need more than one, or that I will get more than one, but it was difficult to decide just which one I was going to bid on).

The picture above is a picture of 1 of the watches I really, really like!

And the second picture is of the 1 that I bought!
What do you think of my purchase...hopefully it's as cute on as it looks in this e-bay picture!
*Disclaimer* Pictures are from and I am not a spokesperson for ToyWatch and they have not asked me to include this in my post - I just happen to be really crazy about cute, flashy, sparkly jewelry and watches!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Such a big boy!

A little recap of the past few weeks around the Avila house!

Here it is - documentation of Ryan's first haircut! Can you tell how happy he is?! Ha!

Now that we've cut off the unruly mess in the back of Ryan's hair, we might try letting it grow out and see if it ends up curly. I love the short cut, it's easier to wash in the bath and I think it will keep Ryan cooler in the summer heat. When someone asks him if he got his hair cut, he replies, "haircut?" and rubs his head! Smart boy indeed!

Ryan had his 15 month immunizations (yes, we're a little behind on that) and he weighed in at 31.4lbs and was 34 inches tall!

We've done some fun things the past few weeks; We took Ryan to the sand drag races out at the race track - he loves trucks and quads but I think his favorite thing to watch were the dune buggies. He sat pretty well for a few good hours watching the races until it was late and past his bedtime...then Mommy had to take him home and get him to bed.

The next day Jake and I escaped town for the day with some friends and drove up to the Good Guys Car Show in Pleasanton. It was a lot of fun, the weather was beautiful and we saw some really nice cars and trucks out on display. Ryan stayed with Grammy and Papa Saturday while we were out of town. Grammy says he was a good little boy and only asked for us a handful of times! Grammy took Ryan out to Papa's work to see the cows, which they said he really enjoyed, and then out to some friends' house to feed the kittens and he liked that as well!

That Sunday the 3 of us were up early and met Grammy and Papa at their house for a boating trip! We took Ryan to Kaweah Lake for the day, for a little fishing and a lot of sun! At first he wasn't so sure about the rocking from the wakes caused by the other boats but by the end of our day he was pretty comfortable, he even sat in Papa's lap and drove the boat!

Next time we go, we hope to actually get in the water and use the tubes instead of deflating them because they were taking up so much room in the front of the boat. Haha!

That about sums up what we've been up to the past few weekends. Our little man is growing like a weed and is such a happy little guy! This weekend I am taking Ryan to cousin Jeremy's wedding. Jake has to work all weekend so he won't be able to come along, but I'm sure fun times will be had by all.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My ABC's

Because I read about 52 or so blogs everyday, I find some amusing things on other people's pages, and today found this and wanted to play along. (I promise a more updated post of what's been going on around our house is coming - with pictures too!)

A - Age: 27

B - Bed size: King - and I would have it no other way!

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning bathrooms.

D - Dog's name: Harley

E - Essential start your day item: Diet Coke!

F - Favorite color: Red

G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: Silver is my favorite.

H - Height: 5'5" - 5'6"

I - Instruments you play: Played piano and flute for years, but haven't touched either in a long time.

J - Job title: Legal Secretary; Mommy to 1 amazing little man; Wifey to 1 great hubby!

K - Kid(s): Ryan (20 months)

L - Living arrangements: Hubby and Ryan (and Harley)

M - Mom's name: Jennifer

N - Nicknames: P-Dawg

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: C-Section with Ryan.

P - Pet Peeve: Empty toilet paper rolls on the holder, empty Pepsi cubes in the pantry! :)

Q - Quote from a movie: "Do you like apples? I got her number. How do you like them apples?" -Good Will Hunting

R - Right handed or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: 1 Sister, 1 Brother

T - Time you wake up: Monday-Friday, 6:00 a.m.; Saturday-Sunday, usually 8:00 a.m.

U- Underwear: Whatever's comfortable!

V - Vegetable you dislike: Onions and Peppers.

W - Ways you run late: Take too long to get my hair straightened, Ryan crying when I drop him off in the mornings, Long lines at Sonic!

X - X-rays you've had: eh, my teeth?

Y - Yummy food you make: I think my chili beans are pretty awesome! And thanks to Michele's Bunco food, chicken in the crockpot is a new favorite of ours!

Z - Zoo favorite: Monkeys

If you want to play along, post YOUR ABC's! These are fun!