Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Stuff

Check out my "new" Keurig coffee maker!  YAY, I'm finally catching up with the times!
My friend, Shelley, was selling her old Keurig since she got a new one and I was quick to buy from her...and I LOVE having it at home!  Thanks Shelley! :)

I had printed some Fourth of July free party supply printables last week but forgot I had them AND we didn't really have any plans to hang out with anyone so I didn't think I needed them.  Last night I decided I'd run to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few things to create goody bags for a few special kids that I may see on Fourth of July.

Sorry the picture is kind of blurry - I need a new phone with a better camera! ;)

I got Ryan the same things I put in the bags.  He loved having the silly string and used 2 bottles last night!

Today we're headed to the Fourth of July celebration at the City Park and then for swimming and BBQ at Grammy & Papa's house later.  Happy Fourth of July, everyone!! :)