Friday, October 19, 2012

Moments with my Ryan

Last night after homework was finished and dinner had been devoured, I ventured into the bathroom to dye my hair.  I had a shadow follow me - my little buddy, Ryan!  Ryan loves to be in the same room as us around the house.  I told him I wasn't going anywhere, just going to put some hair color on my hair.  He didn't care.  He wanted to hang out with me.  And ask me questions.  And count to 100.  :)  I LOVE our time together in moments like that. 

While we were talking and he was getting ready for his bath, he told me a little story about something that happened at school that day.  He told me that while he was using the restroom at school, another boy in his class "made fun of him" and told the other boys to look at his butt.  Immediately, I turned into protective mama.  I asked him to tell me what happened, again.  As if I didn't hear it correctly the first time.  He repeated his story nearly word-for-word.  I felt so sad.  I don't want other kids to tease him, even if the other kid thought he was just being funny, it embarrassed him and hurt Ryan's feelings.  Ryan was quick to say, "I didn't tell the teacher though."  When I asked why not he said, "Because I didn't want him to get in trouble." heart.

I struggle with the fact that I cannot be by Ryan's side 24/7, to protect him from the hurtful things other kids will say and the days his feelings may get hurt by kids on the playground or in the classroom.  I hope that what we've taught him thus far is enough to keep him strong and tough!  I try so hard to fill up his little heart with love and kindness every day!  I tell him that he is smart and kind and that I love him to the moon & back, and to the deepest part of the ocean!  I may not be able to control all the other kids and their behavior, but I hope that I've taught my son to be kind and compassionate for others.  He's such a sensitive soul, I just love that about him!  He never hesitates to tell me that I'm beautiful and that he loves me!  I LOVE that!!

I look forward to my arrival at home after work each day so I can ask Ryan how his day was and what he learned that day in school!  He's such a good student and we couldn't be more proud of him!