Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Schedule

Our routine for Ryan while we're working is that he goes to his Nanny's house (my Mother in Law) until Jake gets off, and then Jake picks him up.  On Jake's days off (they rotate weekdays off) he will keep Ryan home with him, and of course I'm off on the weekends.  Ryan is very aware of the days that he will be home and the days that he will be at Nanny's.  Last week as I was explaining that he would spend 4 days with me, 2 days at Nanny's and 2 days with Daddy, he cried that he didn't want me to go back to work!  I said something along the lines of, "I HAVE to work.  I work so that we can have a house, food, clothes, toys, and a bed for you to sleep in."  He responded with, "I don't want food!"  HA!

This morning he was laying in bed watching cartoons while I was getting ready for work and he said, "Momma, I don't want you to go to work."  I told him I had to and that he would have a good day at home today.  He said, "But I don't want a house!"  Oh my, this kid!!  I sat on the bed and said, "Well, if you don't want a house and don't want food...then it looks like I'm going to lay back down and not go to work!"  He laughed and when I got up and said, "Just kidding, I have to go to work today" he said, "I knew it, you were just joking!" 

Today I am thankful for having a JOB that helps us provide a safe and loving home, food on the table, warm clothes on our bodies and beds for us to sleep in!

Sunday, November 27, 2011 Chruch?

Last night as we were talking about going to church this morning, Jake thought it would be a good time for Ryan to check out Sunday School.  We tried once before but Ryan usually likes to sit with me in service.  This morning as I was getting ready for church, Ryan was so excited to be going to Sunday School today!  He was glad that he's a "big kid" now and wouldn't have to go to nursery with the babies. 

I walked Ryan into the 4-5 year old class, got him signed in, met our friend Miss Kristin there and she tried to help encourage Ryan that he was going to have a really good time.  As we walked through and got the run down on what would be happening, Ryan whispered in my ear that he did not want to stay there.  He was pretty sure that he didn't like it already.  Miss Kristin told him to just try it out today and if he still didn't like it, he wouldn't have to come back again.  Nope.  He wanted nothing to do with it.  I didn't push him.  I decided that if he was ever going to stay, it would need to be his idea.  He went with me to service today.  The only downside to him not going to Sunday School was that I didn't come prepared with coloring books and crayons.  :(  So he was quite wiggly.

Of course we had a laughing out loud moment in church!  After we were settled in our seats, a young man came and sat down in our row.  Ryan was really watching him.  This particular young man was dressed all in black, wore a hooded sweater and had black, fingerless gloves on.  Ryan reached up and whispered in my ear... "Spiderman is at Church today!"  Ahahaha!!!!  Not sure how all black and fingerless gloves relate to Spiderman but it was hilarious!

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ryan is so funny!  (I think he watches too much t.v. - but it made for a great blog post today!)

Ryan and I were watching t.v. in my bed last night, and sharing miniature marshmallows, which has nothing to do with this little story, but it's a little something special we do when we lay in bed watching t.v. together!  Anyway, back to the story.  As we're laying there eating our marshmallows, I must have not been paying attention to the commercial that was playing but a second later I hear Ryan say, "Pier One Imports.  Find what speaks to you."  HAHAHAHA!!!!  He must have heard that and repeated it!  I didn't question him, I just told him I needed to take his picture because he looked so cute laying there next to me, fresh out of the bath in his Spiderman pajamas. 

(Excuse the camera phone quality!)

Love from me and my marshmallow eating buddy! 

8 Years!

1 - How many little ones we've parented!

2 - Number of places we've lived together!

3 - Number of fish that have been a part of our family!

4 - How many cars Jake has driven in last 8 years!

5 - How many cars I have driven in last 8 years!

6 - How many times I change clothes before go Anywhere!

7 - Number of nieces and nephews we currently have!


Happy Anniversary Jake!  It's so hard to believe that 8 years have flown by since we walked down the aisle and said "I Do!"  Doesn't it seem like just yesterday??

Thankful we have each other to lean on and help get us through all the tough times.  And there are way more FUN, SILLY, EXCITING times in our house anyway - you never go too long without cracking a joke and now Ryan is following in your footsteps!  I love being home with the boys.  Life is good!!

Love you Jake!

Friday, November 18, 2011


So the other day Ryan scraped his toe on the fireplace when he was running (barefoot) to his room to get something to show me.  He laid on the floor and cried and cried and cried.  I told him I'd put some Neosporin on it to make it heal faster.  He didn't want any.  A few hours later he asked for some medicine for his toe, so I put the Neosporin on it.

The next day when I asked how his toe was feeling, he said "It's fine, it's just black."  LOL!  It was black from the fuzz from his socks!

Then he said, "Oh mom.  I just got hurt and I need some medicine."  I asked where he got hurt and he said, "On my knee.  Do you have some more of that "Kneeosporin?"  HAHAHA!!!! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pumpkin painting!

We took our pumpkins to a friends' house to paint with Kinedy this year.  Here's Ryan, Kinedy and Kaylyn painting their pumpkins (and Kaylyn painting herself)!

Happy Halloween 2011 from our little Pirate!

Natalie Turned 2 & The Pumpkin Patch

Last month we traveled to the coast for Natalie's birthday party, I only got a few pictures from the party, but thought I'd share them anyway.

 Cute cupcakes Michelle made!

Ryan playing ball with his buddies!

Grammy & Papa had a pumpkin patch with their friends this year so we got to have some family pictures made at the pumpkin patch.  These are a few of the pictures we took on our camera. Picture overload but I wanted to get them on here! :)

(Notice Rhys in the trailer behind Natalie's tractor!)

I Love the cousins pictures!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cell Phone Pictures

The latest going-ons in our lives -- courtesy of my cell phone pictures!

Ryan is playing pee wee soccer again this year.  Doesn't he look so grown up?

Ryan's other favorite thing to do is play baseball in the house.  Not sure of this outfit...but this is what Ryan does nearly every day (yes, those are soccer shin guards and a baseball hat being used as a catcher's mask)!

A few weekends ago we took some family pictures on a little pumpkin patch.  Here is Ryan before we left, trying on his new overalls.

And here's 1 picture of all 4 kids (Michelle & David's daughters and Kevin & Shannah's son).

And lastly, Ryan was plain ol' wiped out from a hard day of playing (probably baseball from the looks of his Jake's socks) and I couldn't resist getting a picture!  LOL!

That's a glimpse into our lives from my cell phone lately!  I'll upload Halloween pictures soon.