Sunday, October 18, 2009

We have a climber...

...a crib climber, that is!

This morning when I heard Ryan calling me from his crib, "Mommy, up" and "Up Mommy" I opened his bedroom door to find him laying in the middle of his blankets and R6 (his new teddy bear from Build-A-Bear) smiling away at me. He quickly jumped up and our conversation went something like this...

Ryan: Shower?

Me: Yes. I just took a shower. Did you hear the shower?

Ryan: Yes! Shower!

Me: *smiling at my sweet "baby" boy!

Ryan: Out?

And then what I hoped to never see him do because after all he is still my baby, right? He CLIMBED over the side of the crib and landed on his two feet on the floor!! He looked up at me and just smiled and then said, "Mommy, up!"

So, unfortunately for me, because I am not quite ready for my Ryan to be a big boy yet, we will be removing the front railing of the crib tonight and replacing it with the guard/toddler bed rail instead. Hopefully Ryan will understand that he is not to get up out of bed unless we come in to get him up - otherwise I'm afraid we'll hear him on the floor of his room playing with his monster trucks after bed time!


michelle said...

At least he waited to show you what he could do?!

How did last night go?

Kristina DeLira said...

LOL, yep, 2 years old was about the time we had to do the same thing with Devyn. Only she couldn't get out of her crib like Ryan. She tried, but that ended in disaster with her somehow biting her tongue so it bled and screamed bloody murder after it happened. She's been sleeping with us ever since...and will be 10years old in 3 weeks. It's nothing to be proud of, I know, but hopefully Ryan will just play with his monster trucks and not go into your room in the middle of the night! hehehe

Patty said...

We figured out that we had one more setting on his bed to lower the mattress all the way to the floor so last night we lowered the mattress then did a test-run and put Ryan in the bed and told him to get out --- he couldn't quite reach his little legs over the railing and gave up! So yippee - no toddler bed just yet! I'm really going to miss the crib when the time comes to transition. For now I'll just be thankful for my sleepy boy with legs too short to reach over the railing!