Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Go Faster, Momma!

I have a tendency when driving to talk to the other drivers around me.

For example, last night Ryan and I were on our way to Jake's softball game in Hanford and we were running approximately 10 minutes late, so I may or may not have been in a hurry! I was telling the cars in front of me, "hurry up cars!" so that Ryan would hear me because everytime I say that, he will start talking to the cars too! So Ryan starts saying, "Move cars! Awe, man, the cars are in your way mom!" I was laughing so hard! After we got through a red light in town, Ryan said, "Go faster Momma, there's no cars now!" Oh my, that kid definately learns these things from I'm pretty sure his daddy doesn't talk to the other cars on the road!! :)

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