Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh the Funny!

This morning Ryan was in rare, funny form! These are the funny things that my child said on the 4 minute drive to my in-laws this morning:

Ryan: Mommy, that truck lost it's back!
(Telling me that a big rig didn't have a trailer!)
Me: You mean a trailer?
Ryan: Yeah, a trailer back.


Me: Ryan, are you feeling better today? (Had a stuffy nose and little cough past few days.)
Ryan: Yep. I don't hear any coughing!


Ryan: Time to go to Nanny's!
Me: Yep. Mommy has to go to work today.
Ryan: I have to work too. After you take me to Nanny's I'm going to get Mitch.
Me: Mitch?? Who's Mitch?
Ryan: My worker.


And there you have it - the conversations we have in the car on the drive to Nanny's each morning. I wish I would have taken a picture of Ryan this morning. He wanted to stay in his jammies so instead of putting on a sweater, he put on a long-sleeved, hooded t-shirt AND his zip-up, Ugg like boots! Ha! Yes, it is June in California...why do you ask!? :)

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