Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!

Today my little man turns 5 YEARS OLD!!  WHAT??  How is that possible that 5 years have come and gone since we brought him home from the hospital?  Surely time doesn't fly by that quickly?  Ahh.....I suppose it is possible and it is true.  Ryan is 5 today!


Happy birthday buddy!  You are such an awesome kid, you truly are "my sunshine" just like I sing to you every morning when I wake you up for the day!  You have brought endless smiles and laughs to our family and we love you to the moon, to the deepest part of the ocean, and all the way around the world!

You started Kindergarten this year and you're such a great student.  You love to come home each night and get started on your homework right away.  On nights that you have no homework to do, you like to sit at the table and draw or color but pretend that you're doing homework.  I hope you always  

This week you drew your first picture for a girl in your class, Alexa.  You are so sweet!  You made sure to ask about the picture before you went to bed the night before and the first thing you asked for when you woke up that morning was, "Mom, do you still have my picture for Alexa?"  We made sure to keep it out of your backpack so it wouldn't get messed up!

You're a superstar on the BMX track, too!  You've been racing for a few months on the Hanford BMX team and you're doing great!  You have taken a few spills and gotten a few scrapes, but I imagine this is all just the beginning of your sports "injuries."

Ryan, you are the best little helper in the kitchen and around the house (unless we ask you to clean your room/toys!).  You like to mop the floors and clean the glass with Windex.  I love having your help, I just hope you like to do stuff around the house forever!!

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  We hope your fifth birthday is the best yet!


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