Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My favorite time of year!

As Christmas is quickly approaching - I wanted to share pictures of our tree, Ryan and show you a little of what Elfie has been up to this morning!

I wanted to change our Christmas decorations this year, from traditional red and green (and silver) to bright, fun, candy land-like ornaments this year!  This is our tree!

Jake found most of the ornaments (new) for sale online local and I snagged the large candy ornaments on eBay!  The filler picks and garland came from Michaels.  I LOVE how the tree came out this year!

Here is the mantle, with all of our plush, dancing & singing friends hanging out by the fireplace.  Ryan loves to turn them all on and sing along to the songs!

And our little craft project where we took pine cones, sprayed with glue then dipped in bags full of glitter!  I added some extra small ornaments to the bowl for more color.  (And as I added this picture to the blog, I realize I don't have my tablecloth on!!!)  :)

This past weekend we were driving to Fresno and realized it was awfully quiet in the backseat.  This is what I saw!  Completely.  Knocked.  Out.  (With feet crossed!!)  :)

And this morning, this is where Ryan found Elfie!  I recorded a short video of Ryan trying to find Elfie in the house this morning, and he thought this was pretty funny!  (There was also a bowl and spoon on the counter before I snapped the picture, but Ryan was already eating breakfast by this time.)

And that about sums up the holiday decorations and Elfie today.  I'll post more pics of the silly places we find Elfie from now until Christmas!

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