Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Will Survive; Hair bows and Tutus

Maybe the title of this post should read, "I DID Survive!" because I did survive my first Jillian Michaels workout with the 30 Day Shred. I confess, it took me longer to start than I wanted, in fact my first workout was last night and not Tuesday morning as previously mentioned. However, I did it and I actually look forward to tonight's workout too.

And can I just say "woo-hoo" that Kris, Adam and Danny are the top 3 finalists in American Idol!? Are you people watching? I don't watch religiously because Tuesday night (in my opinion) is the best night of TV and I can only flip between The Biggest Loser, Dancing With the Stars and American Idol so many times without missing the really good parts of TBL!

This weekend my friends Brandi, Debbie and I are going to host a booth (is that the correct terminology, "host"?) at the Art Fair/Craft Fair at the Civic Auditorium. We've been extremely busy this week trying to finish making the last of our hair bows and my tutus. This is my first craft fair to actually sell something that I've made and I'm a little nervous. I pray we at least make a little $, enough to cover the cost of the booth rental would be nice! And since we have to man the booth at all times of the fair, my Mother's Day will consist of waking up early, dragging Ryan to the park with me and hoping he is entertained enough to last through the afternoon! Wish us both luck! And if you're not doing anything this weekend, stop by the booth and say hi. :)

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michelle said...

Guess this should be the title of my next Blog entry! :)