Sunday, August 23, 2009


Thanks to Rachael Ray, we had a delicious dinner tonight!

We had Honey-Mustard Pork Chops with The Works Baked Potatoes.
This is the sour cream, bacon and shredded cheddar cheese waiting for the baked potatoes to be done...then I scooped out the potatoes and added it to this mixture before adding it all back to the good!

And here's the finished product (that Pepsi is Jake's!). Thanks Rachael Ray for making recipes so easy even I can follow them!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Mom said...

I'm very impressed. When are we invited to sample? hehe!

Patty said...

Oh, let me tell you - it was DELISH! I actually invited Jarrod and Michelle over to be the guinea pigs but they had other plans. I'll keep the pages of my cookbook tagged so I can flip back to these recipes next time you and Dad are over for dinner!

Kristina DeLira said...

I want copies of the recipe. It looks DELISH!!!