Tuesday, August 4, 2009

KISS Country 93.7 and Children's Hospital Central California

Good Morning All! I have signed up to be a "Change Bandit" for KISS Country 93.7 to raise money for Children's Hospital Central California once again this year. I have been a part of the Change Bandit program since 2002 I believe (maybe 2001).

What is a Change Bandit, you ask? Good question! Change Bandits are volunteers who “rob” co-workers, classmates, families and friends of their change during the month leading up to the “Bandit Bash.” A "Bandit Bash" is the night all the Change Bandits gather to turn in their collected donations at a reception and concert! This year's Bandit Bash will feature recording artists Chris Young (winner of Nashville Star) and Richie McDonald (former lead singer of Lonestar)!

My personal goal this year is to raise $300.00! In years past, I have been able to collect more than $200.00 from co-workers, friends and family. If you would like to make a donation to support Children's Hospital Central California, please contact me for more details. You can mail checks to me, payable to Children's Hospital Foundation, or we can meet up if you would like to donate some change or cash. The Bandit Bash will be held on Thursday, August 27. Therefore, I will attempt to have all my donations wrapped up by Tuesday, August 25.

Thank you in advance for your support of the Change Bandit program and Children's Hospital Central California!

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Shannah said...

Will save some change for you... remind me! :0)