Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Something interesting

I've been thinking about something interesting to post today -- I WILL update on our Christmas once the pictures are uploaded - but I wanted to say something funny and all I can think of is Ryan's bedtime routine the past few weeks. It will make you smile!

Normally Ryan does not put up a fight when it's time for bed. We ask him if he's getting tired, he usually says, "yes" or shakes his head in that direction. I tell him to go give daddy kisses (because I like to be the one to lay him in his bed) then if he hasn't already, he grabs both his blue blankets, I pick him up, give him kisses and tell him I love him, lay him in the crib and turn off the light. Then before I close the door he asks, "raining outside?" and I usually answer, "no" and he asks, "cold outside?" and I usually answer, "yes, it's cold outside" and he says, "love you!" and my heart melts and I say, "love you too. Good night."

I Love my sweet little boy!

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Tamara B said...

oh how I wish it was that simple at my house. I have double the trouble with my two. Both have to fight over who brushes their teeth first, what story to tell or read, who gets to feed the fish, who gets to have mom snuggle them... It might take 30-45 minutes to get my kids in bed but I love it (and love when daddy tells the story)!