Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • As I type this, I am sitting in the bathroom watching Ryan take his bath. For the past 3 nights, Ryan has insisted on taking a bath (usually we skip a day in between, unless he's played outside and really needs to wash!) and he will stay in the bath tub for an hour if we would let him!
  • I should be doing something productive while Ryan is in the bath --- like clean the bathroom counters and sort laundry (but I would rather blog!).
  • I started working on some CUTE Easter gifts for the kids. I bought a little inspiration today at WalMart and have some motivation to work on them this weekend.
  • Ryan just told me, "I'm filfy" (translation: filthy)! HAHA! So funny!
  • I have 4 no-sew fleece blankets to make in order to finish my obligation for Disneyland Give a Day, Get a Day volunteer project. I need to just take the time to sit down and get busy!
  • Tomorrow is Friday and that means we are going to Monster Jam this weekend! Ryan is really excited. Every time we see the commercial on t.v. he stops what he's doing and says, "I want to go!"
  • I need to make some time to see my friends --- Tracy, I need to see your baby belly before little Hudson makes his appearance!! But I am also working on a crafty project for Hudson and I want to finish that to give you A.S.A.P.
  • I have a lot to do! I better get going and do at least 1 more thing before I call it a night and sit down to watch American Idol results show.

Happy (almost) Friday everyone! I've got some posts almost ready to publish with some recent pictures of the goings on in the Avila household lately...I'll get them up soon.

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Casey Mockett said...

That 'filfy' is too funny! My Dean has been asking me every five mins "Ma, I wanta baf!" Cute little phase!