Thursday, May 13, 2010

Story Time

I wanted to share a funny thing that Ryan is doing lately - so that I don't forget!

Last night I let Debbie host Bunco at our house. So there were 12 of us girls at the house, and as we were just about finishing up, Jake brought Ryan home. Ryan came and sat on my lap watching me roll the dice and this is a conversation we had:

Ryan: Mommy, want to hear a story?

Me: Ok.

Ryan: Jaylynn locked me in the closet and then the witch came in.

Me: What? (Apparently not paying enough attention...) Jaylynn locked you in the closet? That's not nice!

Ryan: No. That's not nice.

I went on about playing Bunco until Jake asked Ryan, "Did you tell Mommy a story?" And come to find out he had been story telling all day. The deal is that he starts telling a story (it's always the same story) and it always starts out like this: "One day...Jaylynn locked me in the closet. And then the witch came in." Then he laughs and thinks he is so funny! And he is! :)

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Jennifer AKA Grammy said...

Oh My!!! I wonder if the "Guy" was there too.... Too funny, not sure where he comes up with the things he comes up with. Papa missed him tonight.