Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Wow - I used to love blogging - and I still do I just haven't had anything interesting to say lately!

Had a great weekend. Michelle & David and Kevin & Shannah came into town this weekend for Shannah's baby shower. On Saturday Jake kept Ryan for me so I could have some "girl time" in town with my mom & sister, and Natalie of course! We had lunch at Panera with a long-time family friend. (Hi Chris!) Then we hit up Target, Michaels (I went to Old Navy) and back to Target! Thanks, Jake, for letting me have some ME time this weekend. It was much needed and much appreciated!

On Sunday I had 2 baby showers to attend, they started 1 hour apart and there were 10 miles in between them! I ran by Tracy's shower for a short visit but ended up mostly watching Ryan run around outside. Then we headed to Hanford for Shannah's shower. It was nice to catch up with an old friend and see some family there too. Shannah and Kevin got some really nice gifts and I bet are totally overwhelmed with getting the final touches on the room and baby's closet/dresser! We are really excited to meet our new nephew, only a few more weeks! (By the way, nephew, Uncle Jake and Auntie Patty are on vacation from work the week of June 21 - if you decide to make an early appearance, that would be a Great time!! Haha!) Sorry no photos from the weekend - I forgot the camera at home.

Ryan is on a second round of antibiotics - ear infections didn't quite clear up the first time (2 weeks ago). He's having some trouble with these stronger meds and it's causing me some anxiety about whether to continue the meds and deal with the side effects OR quit the meds and pray the ear infections clear up on their own (is that even possible??). Ugh! I just got off the phone with Ryan's doctor and he pretty much said the decision is mine to make but that if I discontinue the meds, Ryan's ear infections are not likely to clear up and could possibly get worse. It's times like this that make this Mommy job really difficult! I hate to see Ryan in pain and it was hard to drop him off this morning knowing he wasn't feeling 100%.

I look forward to keeping up with the blog now, will update with more pictures soon.

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Shannah and Kevin said...

I had a GREAT time at the shower, I really did. It was truly a relaxing and fun environment and I rather enjoyed myself. Baby F is MORE than SPOILED and definitely LOVED! We are VERY blessed. I will definitely talk to him about making his appearance the week of the 21st. Mommy would like that too! :0)

Thanks Again for Everything! Hugs!