Thursday, August 25, 2011

Elbow on a Stick and Mold!

Ryan has been saying THE FUNNIEST things lately! Before I forget these latest two stories, I need to blog about them!

On Friday I was driving Ryan over to Grammy & Papa's house for a sleepover. We were almost to their house when this conversation took place:

Ryan: Momma, I wish I had a elbow arm.
Me: An elbow arm? Well, you have an elbow ON your arm!
Ryan: No, I wish I had a elbow on a stick!
Me: (Laughing!) What!? An elbow on a stick? What is that?
Ryan: It's just imaginary!

Whoa - it's just "imaginary!" Quite the little thinker, huh? :)


Last night we had tickets to go see a Grizzlies baseball game in Fresno (free from work, thank you boss!). We rode to Fresno with our friend, Jeri and her kids Jacey and Brody. In the truck, Ryan and I were sitting in the back seat with Jacey and this conversation took place:

Brody: I'm going to marry Brooklyn!
Jacey: Brody! That makes me feel old!
Jeri: Imagine how that makes me feel!
Ryan: You're MOLD!

Ahahaha!! I don't know if he meant to say "mold" or "old" but we laughed until our cheeks hurt!

Such a funny kid!

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Grammy Jen said...

Kids say the darndest things and Ryan seems to take it to the top! he has such and imagination.