Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunshine, Softball & Smiles (Part 1)!

This weekend was a last-minute, quick-planned, short coast trip for us! Jake's co-ed softball team signed up to play in a tournament on Sunday in Morro Bay so we decided to make a short getaway of it and headed over to the ocean air on Saturday morning!
First stop: Avila Beach!

When we got there the fog was still in, but you wouldn't have known it by the number of people crowding the beach. By Noon the sun was shining and we were enjoying watching the kiddos play in the sand. David & Michelle brought the girls out to meet us (and thank you David for setting up the EZ-Up to give us a little break from the sun).

Ryan and Natalie played in the sand. Uncle David graciously carried buckets of water from the ocean to their little play spot several times (no pictures of that but it was nice to not have to be right down in the water the entire time - it was COLD!).

Rhys hung out with her momma and Auntie in the shade, while Ryan had some fun on the swings!

We cleaned up at the beach and headed back to relax at the hotel for a bit. Later we met David, Michelle & the girls for dinner at, where else, Quarterdeck! Michelle told us about a place in town called "Yogurt Creations" that she suggested we try. Um, yes please!

You get to choose your flavor of frozen yogurt and then top with whatever toppings you want! Can you guess which one was Ryan's? Ha!

Natalie was loving the frozen yogurt - look at that messy face!

Just for fun - Ryan loves taking pictures now so he took over the camera duties for a minute.
Here's Jake!

Uncle David!

This was just day 1 of the fun-filled, busy weekend! Part 2 to follow.... :)

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