Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is 9 the Appropriate Age for Having a Girlfriend?

Let me set the scene for you, and prepare you for the conversation that took place in our house last night. 

I was in the kitchen making 132 meals/snacks/cake balls for upcoming Christmas Party Potlucks (ok, only 3 different meals but it felt like more than that!) and Ryan and Jake were eating dinner in the living room - Don't Judge!!!  It was pretty quiet in the house, except for the tv and Ryan gets up from his seat at the coffee table, walks over to Jake and the following conversation occurred:

Ryan:  (In a sad face/tone) Dad, when I'm 9 will I have a girlfriend?
Jake:  When you're 9?  Maybe.
Ryan:  Cause I really want one.
Jake: (Fighting back laughter) Oh really?
Ryan:  Yeah.  Do you remember (said someone's name but I couldn't hear him)'s girlfriend?  She was hot!  I want a hot one!

I'm pretty certain that school years are going to be lots of fun with this outgoing, funny, lady-charmer kid of mine!  :)

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