Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet Elfie!

Meet Elfie!

This is Elfie, our Elf on The Shelf that comes to visit during the holidays, to keep an eye on Ryan and report back to Santa Claus on how well behaved Ryan has been!

This is Elfie having a little fun while we slept last night, having a snowball (marshmallow) fight with his bear friends!  Ryan thought this was hilarious! :)


michelle said...

Boy, Elfie is naughty!

Another friend's elf, Ed, got into their Rice Krispie treats last night!

Sure gotta watch those elves!!

Tracy Reid said...

So cute! Ours is named Buddy! Hudson loves finding him every morning. He always laughs so hard when he finally spots him :) I love you Patty!!

The Fagundes Family said...