Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cool Parents!

This was Ryan laying in bed with me watching tv last night.  Right after this picture was taken, Jake came to bed and he and Ryan has this funny little exchange:

(Talking about school.)
Ryan: Today at Kloee's school (the girl that Ryan and Nanny pick up at Kindergarten every day), a kid had a dirt bike backpack!
Jake: Oh yeah?  When you start school I'm going to get you a cool Metal Mullisha backpack!
Ryan: I already have one, it's Spiderman.
Jake: Don't you want a Bubba Stewart (Supercross) backpack?
Ryan: No....that's totally lame!

TOTALLY LAME!?  Holy cow.  Where does he learn this stuff!?  I would hate for Ryan to go to Kindergarten with a totally lame backpack...that would make us totally lame parents! :)

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