Monday, January 30, 2012

Ryan's 4 year old Dr. visit

Last week Ryan had an appointment with the doctor for a 4 year physical.  It ended up being a really informative appointment and I'm glad Jake was there to get to see all that Ryan got to do.

He sat really still with the nurse while she checked his vitals.  When she put the blood pressure cuff on, he asked for the pulse monitor on his finger too!

Ryan weighs 48.8lbs. and I forget how tall he is.....ooops....should have wrote it down!  His blood pressure was great too. 

After those stats, we walked down a hallway where Ryan had his eyes checked.  He stood against one wall while he read the letters from the chart on the wall across from him.  The nurse asked if he knew his alphabet and I said "Yes!" proudly.  Then I was afraid Ryan may not be able to recognize his letters under pressure....but he did SO WELL!!!  He was able to read all the letters in the top 4 or 5 lines, until the print was so small that even Jake and I couldn't read it!  Way to go buddy!!! :)  The nurse was impressed with his ability to recognize his alphabet out of order - she even commented that most kids his age aren't able to do that!

Next we went into a little room where a hearing machine was set up.  I can remember these machines from when I was in elementary school.  (I was afraid to take a picture in there, I didn't know if the nurse would allow it!)  Ryan had the headphones on and each time he heard the beep, he had to point to which ear he heard it in.  After the test, she commented that Ryan did a wonderful job!! 

We finished out the appointment with the Doctor.  He said that Ryan is very healthy and that we should continue reading to Ryan and encouraging Ryan to learn as much as he can before he starts school!

The end of the appointment was the only bad part - he got 3 shots!  He opted for the shots in his thighs instead of his arms.  He was really sore for the next few days.  Overall Ryan did a great job with the appointment.  We are proved he is healthy and happy, just as a 4 year old should be!!!  :)

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