Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BFF's - Ryan & Spooky

This is how Ryan totes Spooky around the house...

Spooky doesn't seem to mind (much)!  Every morning Ryan says, "Where's Spooky?  He needs to do his stretches!"  And then proceeds to hunt Spooky down, pick him up, tilt him to the left and the right, to the front and the back and then tells me that Spooky is doing ballet!  HA! 

Ryan refers to Spooky as his "brutha"!  When I asked him, "You mean your 'brother'?"  He said, "No, mom.  He's my 'brutha'!  All righty, glad we cleared that up then!

In other news, Ryan is all signed up for Kindergarten!  Can hardly believe that in 3 months my little guy will be off to school!  Everyone asked if I cried when I took him in today.  Nope!  In fact, Ryan did enough crying for the both of us I think.  He cried when we got to the District Office because he thought we were dropping him off and leaving him there for "school."  Once he understood that it was just for a quick meeting and to sign some paperwork, he calmed down a bit.  He wrote some letters and then acted shy in front of the employees at the District Office.  I can only imagine how the first day of school is going to play out.  Maybe by then I can have him completely excited and not afraid!? 

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