Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Sunday Date

Ryan and I had a fun day on Sunday. 

The weather had warmed up quite a bit from the previous week so we started out at Grammy & Papa's pool!

Ryan was brave enough to get in.  Me....not so much!  The water was FREEZING cold!

I bribed Ryan to get out of the pool, by telling him we could go to the movies instead!  We saw Madagascar 3 in 3D!  It was such a cute movie and I was so proud of Ryan, he kept his 3D glasses on for the entire movie!  Also a first, he stayed awake during the entire movie!  We had so much fun!

The final event on our date was dinner.  Ryan chose Burger King so he could play in the play place.  I hesitated going there because 1) the germs involved at a fast food play place make me sick to think about!! and 2) Ryan has never been excited about playing on jungle gym equipment at those places.

We headed for Burger King and once there, Ryan (as predicted) chickened out on playing on the play place.  He would go just inside the start of the jungle gym, whine about how he didn't know if he could make it up the equipment, and jump back out!  That wasn't annoying at all - HAHA!!

We had a great day together and look forward to much more time spent in the pool this summer, once it heats up of course!

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