Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks for the comments on my Truth post. Really, it helped me to think about even more than I was already pondering.

I'm sad to report that I have not ventured outside of my comfort zone and attended church yet. I have, however, been able to be in contact with an old (in years, not age) friend that is very dear to me and we have agreed to be each others support and church attending partner! (Chaundra, if you're reading this now, I just realized that Sunday is our 6th wedding anniversary! Needless to say, I'm hoping to either get away for the weekend with the hubby or at least enjoy his Sunday off together. I may have to attend church on Saturday evening local and then meet up with you the following weekend...Life sure is busy these days!)

Tracy, I look forward to hearing more about your Beth Moore study. Keep me posted on how it's going!

Tamara, thanks for the comments. Our prayer time is coming along and yes I would love to converse with you about these issues! I'll be in touch soon.

Right now though, I have a 2 year old who is running through the house playing "hide & seek" with his daddy and I think I want to join in on the fun!

I'll post more soon with some pictures of our weekend birthday party and visit with family.

**UPDATED** Please know that I DO know when my anniversary is, I just didn't realize until I looked at the calendar that it is falling on Sunday this year! Just wanted to clear that up for anyone who may be thinking..."she doesn't even know when her anniversary is"!

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Chaundra Olsen said...

That is alright Patty. I would totally go Saturday night be we are having the Olsen Thanksgiving. Life is crazy but it WILL work out someday. You are a very special friend to me too and I really look forward to hanging out soon!