Monday, May 16, 2011

Homecoming Parade Fun

This past weekend was the Kings County Homecoming festivities, including the ever-so-fun Homecoming Parade! Ryan LOVES parades! He likes the bands the best because he likes to watch and hear the drummers.

Here's my little goofball being silly before the parade started.

And me with my friend's daughter, Jacey.

The kids had a blast watching the parade (the horses, bands and clowns were all a hit)! After the parade we spent some time in the park at the Civic Auditorium. All the kids won a gold fish playing a game in the park. Ryan first named his fish "Chad Reid" which is hilarious if you know Ryan at all. Chad Reid is a motocross rider! And he's the rival of Jake's favorite rider! Haha! Anyway, now the fish is named "Elfie" because yesterday Ryan saw a picture of our family from Christmas time and our "Elf on the Shelf," Elfie was in the picture with us!

I'll post pictures of Ryan and Elfie soon! :)

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