Monday, May 2, 2011

Pictures & 100th Post

Wow, 100 blog posts? Already? I've been slacking in the blog post area of life lately. Other things have been keeping me busy.

For example...

This cute little guy!

Ryan is full of energy and personality! DAILY Ryan plays with his monster trucks and dirtbikes. He will line them up, race them, make them climb over the couches, race them on the "track" and even take them outside and play with them in the dirt!

Ryan also rides his "dirtbike" everyday. He usually puts on his rain boots as riding boots, wears a helmet and even puts on knit gloves as riding gloves! This kid loves to ride!

One night a few weeks ago when Ryan slept in his own bed, I said "Please sleep in your bed all night. When the sun comes up, then you can get up!" He took my statement quite literally. The next morning when he got up, he came into my room with sleepy eyes and said, "Momma, it's cloudy outside, the sun didn't come up!" Ha! Poor kid, he was patiently waiting for the sun to come up/shine through his window so he could get out of bed!

We were able to leave the house a few minutes early last week and made a stop at Starbucks before dropping Ryan off at Nanny's house. While waiting in the drive-thru line, Ryan said, "Momma, you're the best!" Awe....I Love this kid! It was totally unprompted and I didn't even get him a Hot Chocolate and I'm still the best!!

Ryan has been busy playing outside since the weather has started warming up. He does not like to come inside in the evenings. One day last week he had been playing in the flower beds with his shovel and rake and had dirt everywhere...even smashed in his hair! I'd say his least favorite part of the day is having to wash his hair in the bath. Any suggestions on how to make that an easy task? I just try to hurry, get the least amount of water in his face, and let him cry it out! I use Johnson's baby shampoo on him, "No More Tears" and he still cries because he doesn't like the water in his face.

Easter was really fun this year! We had an early Easter celebration with the Fagundes family on Saturday. It was fun to watch Ryan and Natalie dye eggs on Friday night and then see them hunt the eggs on Saturday. Next year will be super fun when Liam is able to run around with them and hunt eggs too and the new baby (Michelle & David's!) will be the baby in the highchair!

Sunday morning Jake and I went to church (Ryan spent the night at Grammy & Papa's because it "wasn't fair that Natalie was staying and [he] couldn't"). It was a fabulous service with the Easter choir singing and tons of people there to celebrate! After church I picked up Ryan in Hanford and we came back to town for Easter with the Avila's. It was a fun day with all the kids. We played washers, golf toss and basketball all day and into the evening. There was no shortage of fun to be had that day!

This week Ryan will start t-ball and he is really, really excited! Then the following week he starts swimming lessons everyday for 2 weeks! I think this week is the beginning of a long, busy summer for us.

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