Wednesday, July 15, 2009

...eight...nine...AND ten!

This weekend Ryan totally surprised Jake and I.

The scene: We were in the trailer at the coast (a post on that with pictures is coming soon) and Jake and Ryan were laying on the coach playing and talking.

Jake was counting to Ryan and Ryan was repeating every number. One...two...three...four...five... and then, completely surprisingly and out-of-nowhere, Ryan continued on all by himself: six...seben (ha!)...eight...nine...AND ten!

Jake and I shared a huge smile and could not believe our ears! Then we immediately coached him to do it again and again. In fact, he's done it on the phone for Aunt Michelle & Uncle David and Grammy too! He finally did it for Nana this morning when I dropped him off.

So my almost two-year-old can count to 10 all by himself and I partially thank Barney for that! :)


Kristina De Lira said...

Barney was Devyn's teacher too!!! Love that big purple dinosaur. You go Ryan, such a big boy now!!!!

The Reids said...

Woo Hoo! That's amazing;) I'm so proud of him:) Good job buddy!

Aunt Shannah & Uncle Kevin said...

CONGRATULATIONS Ryan! Now, when he counts SHOW HIM the numbers. Start with your fingers (so he learns to count on them, but also associate it with a puzzle piece or flashcard with the numeral & maybe even matching objects on it). Oh how ADVANCED he will be! :0)