Wednesday, July 29, 2009

to be a child again...

Have you ever ate something that brought back childhood memories!?!? Last year I ate some really fresh Red Vines and had to e-mail my Mom about it because it brought back memories of weekly trips to the bowling alley while my parents bowled on a bowling league. I remember my parents letting us go to the video store in the bowling alley to buy licorice because we could get 5 pieces for a quarter!

Today on my lunch hour, while perusing the candy aisle at Target for something small and sweet to place in the baby shower table favors for Michelle's baby shower this weekend, I came across chocolate covered raisins....oh, how I love chocolate covered raisins! (Don't worry Michelle, this is not the favor for the shower!) I did buy a bag to snack on at work though. In fact, I've finished eating my lunch and now I'm snacking on some as I type! Chocolate covered raisins will always bring back memories of visiting Papa and Grandma in Visalia while growing up. I can remember sitting with Grandma working on word search puzzles and eating chocolate covered raisins! Those were the good ol' days - HAHA!!

*Photo courtesy of google images.

What candy or food brings back memories of growing up for you?

Happy Wednesday all.


michelle said...

haha, too funny! Thank goodness we're not having chocolate covered raisins!! (it was like you could read my mind). I remember digging thru the chocolate raisins hoping to find one that they forgot to put the raisin in. ;)

I haven't had one in a while, but I remember getting Air Heads at the snack bar at Kings River. Mmm fruity!

Shannah said...

wow! I just found choco. covered raisins @ the commissary yesterday and haven't been able to keep my hands off of them. WEIRD that you would post that!

I thought the favors came with the candy pacifiers (sp?)... I must have been confused.

Ah, yes back to the topic... HAPPY MEALS! My grandma used to bring them to us every Tues. & Thurs. after work. I remember we had a huge tv box full of those little toys! Fun, fun... we grow up too fast! :0)