Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Bob & Jillian...

After watching last night's episode of The Biggest Loser, this is the letter I would like to write to The Biggest Loser team trainers:
Dear Jillian & Bob,
I am a faithful watcher of The Biggest Loser and have been for the past several seasons. Although I am glued to the television each Tuesday night to tune in to how well the contestants are progressing along their weight loss journey - I must admit that I am not excited about the joint effort in training all the contestants together this year. I guess I liked the competition side of things between the two of you better. I do appreciate the contestants working together towards their common goal and I suppose that is what truly matters.
The reason for my letter is to ask you a question: Why? Why the black leather jackets on weigh in nights? And if you must wear them, Bob, can you wear one that doesn't look like it should be worn by a girl walking the halls of the local high school? I mean, let's face it, this season was most-likely taped during the summer months in sunny Southern California, it can't be cold enough for a leather jacket. The poor contestants are standing next to you wearing nothing but spandex shorts (and sports bras for the women)! I'm just sayin'...
On a lighter note, way to go BL Contestants for surpassing your 150 pound weight loss goal on last night's episode!
Biggest Loser fan but not a fan of the leather jackets!


Tamara B said...

that cracks me up. I'll sign that with you :)

michelle said...

I finally watched Tuesday's show last night (love my DVR!). Why are they wearing jackets anyway?? The contestants are there in shorts and Tshirts/tank tops and they are wearing those silly jackets!

It was nice to see them work together, but the competition made it more exciting!