Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Picture Post

I've been lacking in posting pictures lately. Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks around here.

Here's the birthday boy on his birthday. He doesn't look happy here but I promise he was having a blast swimming with Addy!

The monster truck cake!

Opening presents ---

And playing with them as he went along ---

The big finale gift --- thank you G.G. for the new bike!

Wearing Uncle Kevin's cowboy hat and acting goofy for everyone ---

Giving Baby Natalie kisses! Next time we see Auntie 'Chell and Uncle David, it will be Natalie's birthday!

Papa and Ryan sharing a lollipop!

We had a busy and fun weekend. Now time for laundry and getting ready for the busy work week ahead.


Uncle Kevin and Aunt Shannah said...

Missed you guys this weekend! Thanks for the photo update! :0)

michelle said...

Such a cutie! Thanks for posting!