Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ryan is so funny!  (I think he watches too much t.v. - but it made for a great blog post today!)

Ryan and I were watching t.v. in my bed last night, and sharing miniature marshmallows, which has nothing to do with this little story, but it's a little something special we do when we lay in bed watching t.v. together!  Anyway, back to the story.  As we're laying there eating our marshmallows, I must have not been paying attention to the commercial that was playing but a second later I hear Ryan say, "Pier One Imports.  Find what speaks to you."  HAHAHAHA!!!!  He must have heard that and repeated it!  I didn't question him, I just told him I needed to take his picture because he looked so cute laying there next to me, fresh out of the bath in his Spiderman pajamas. 

(Excuse the camera phone quality!)

Love from me and my marshmallow eating buddy! 

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