Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rockin' Robin - Tweet Tweet...

Do you "tweet" on Twitter? Are you a "tweeter"? Ha! It's such a funny word and sounds even funnier when you talk about it with someone who has no idea what Twitter actually is. This weekend we had dinner at Jake's cousin's house and somehow we got on the topic of Twitter. It could be because a few of us present at dinner (they shall go unnamed to protect their privacy!) are addicted to Facebook! I am not one of those people! I tried Facebook out for a very short period of time because curiosity got the best of me! Well, the truth is that I wanted to find out what it was that could attract Jake's attention almost more than ESPN (OH - I forgot I wasn't going to mention names!!). I was jealous of the friendships he was revisiting based upon a Facebook Friend Invite. However, I just didn't like the very public correspondence on the "Wall-to-Wall" that everyone else could read. So I deleted my account. I'll stick with MySpace - though I've threatened to delete that, too - and my blog!

So anyway, back on subject, are we really that obsessed with other people's lives and wanting to know what they're doing minute-by-minute that we have to follow them on Twitter? Do you really want to read that I just "made some Banana Oatmeal, got a Diet Coke from the fridge and now I'm creating a new post on my blog"? Well, there you have it, the closest thing I'll get to Tweeting!!

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C ♥ said...

I have to say...I love twitter.

Often, I laugh out loud at the things people say. I like connecting with real life friends about snip its of our day. Or telling quick funny stories. :]