Friday, April 10, 2009

Quick Upate

Ryan is back to his normal self today! He was feverish yesterday but was playing a little more and slept great last night. Today he woke up ready to play, play, play! I took him back to the Dr. today just to be sure he didn't get an ear infection or anything else after his fever broke yesterday. The Dr. gave him a clean bill of health and told me to just keep an eye on him if I think he's caught something later on.

Right now Ryan is at his Nanny's house with his cousins, they are coloring Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets. When I walked out the door I'm not even sure he thought twice about me leaving...he was already sitting at the table with an egg in one hand and a marker in the other! I'll post pictures of his masterpieces after I pick him up in a little while.

Happy Friday (Good Friday) all!

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