Friday, April 24, 2009

Things to Remember

Tonight after work Jake and I were sitting in the living room talking and laughing with Ryan. He is always doing something funny and the best part is that he KNOWS when it should be funny because he throws his head back in laughter too! While sitting watching him play tonight I began to think about how fast time has already gone by and that it's so hard to believe that in just a few short months (ok, 5, but they do go by quick) he will be 2 years old! I really never want to forget all the fun things Ryan is doing right now so I thought I would make a list:

  • When you tell Ryan "bye" he always blows kisses.
  • He loves to have keys in his hand when he plays in his car.
  • When the George Lopez theme song comes on, he will stop whatever he is doing, smile big and stare at the TV (because in case you've been hiding under a rock and haven't seen the show opening, they look to be jumping on a trampoline and he loves to watch them pop up on the screen)!
  • He is stubborn!
  • He wants to feed himself, even if it involves a fork or spoon, a little mess never hurt anyone.
  • He is such a good sleeper. I'm talkin' goes to bed by 8:00 p.m. and sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG, waking between 7:30 on the weekdays and 9:00 on the weekends.
  • He loves Harley (the dog).
  • He knows our neighbor's names are Mike (he calls him Mikey) and Starr!
  • Anytime he hears a motorcycle, loud truck or airplane, he comes running to me asking, "What's that?" and then "oooh"!
  • He is a Mommy's boy (although this is a bad thing when Mommy needs a break)!
  • He knows all his body parts and can point to them when asked. He blinks his eyes when you ask where his eyes are.
  • He loves to hear "secrets" if you whisper in his ear. Now he will whisper back even though they aren't words, it is the sweetest sound and then he giggles!
He's such an awesome kid and I'm so very blessed to be his Mommy!


C ♥ said...

He's a doll.

He knows so much!!

michelle said...

I hope you're getting some of these things on video! And, I have to agree, he is a pretty funny kid - I love that he knows he's being funny. Too bad he won't say Auntie, Uncle OR Grammy when we ask. :)

DAD said...

I am soooo blessed to be his DAD!!!

Uncle Kevin & Auntie Shannah said...

We are so blessed to be his Uncle & Auntie!

Tamara B said...

That's too funny! I can't believe what little kids come up with. For some reason the pictures won't load on my computer but I bet if I was not at work, they would. I'm adding you to my favs