Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter, Good Friends and Comedy

We've had a busy week now that Ryan is feeling better! The weather has been crazy - started off cool this week with freeze warnings during the nights and temperatures hit close to 90 today.

Here's a picture of the first night Ryan started to get sick - the first sign he was sick?? Him laying still in my lap for more than 2 seconds! Of course he doesn't go far without his ni-night these days (the blue blanket).

And here is what Ryan has been found doing in the back yard recently - he LOVES to play in the dirt and so we let him dig and play in the flower beds - please don't remind me that flower beds are supposed to actually have FLOWERS in them - it's a work in progress!

Easter was great this year! Easter morning Jake and Ryan mowed the back yard to get the house nice and ready for our family that was coming for lunch.

Ryan got to spend time with his cousins and seemed to enjoy the Easter Egg hunt - although it mostly included him picking up every other egg he saw (because they were thrown all over the yard), shaking it to death and asking "num-num?" which is what he affectionately calls candy! It was difficult to get a good picture but here are just a few of the yard and Ryan hunting eggs.

And here's Grammy helping Ryan to find the last egg that all the kids missed during their thorough examination of the yard!

Yesterday I got a chance to stop by my old job to visit with some friends. In case they're reading, I want to say "hi" again and tell you that I truly miss you girls!! It was so nice to be able to chat and catch up on a few new things in all your lives, however, 45 minutes is not nearly enough time to catch up on everything! Especially when we spent 15 minutes talking about our hairstylists (or, lack thereof) and how fabulous you all look! So, we will do it again and next time I won't wait so long before I come around! Thanks for following us on the blog!

Last night we had tickets to see Jeff Dunham (an excellent Comedian) in Fresno! It was a great night out with family and friends but we forgot the camera at home so you get no pictures of us on our big night out.

Because (Uncle) David and (Auntie) Michelle are in town this weekend, Ryan and I got to hang out with Auntie and Grammy shopping in Fresno today. We had a really good day. Ryan was in such a great mood and even got to stay at Grammy and Papa's house this afternoon while I came home to clean and do some laundry! Last time I called, he was sitting in Papa's lap watching the race on T.V. and acting like he was driving a car too! Hopefully they get some good pictures of the little man in action and I'll post those soon!

For now, I'm off to get some things ready for a few friends who are coming over to watch the fights tonight - and then to pick up Ryan from his afternoon play date! Thanks Grammy, Papa, Auntie and Uncle for keeping Ryan for a little while today!! :)

Oh, and one last picture of the little man on his slide in his Canada pajamas!


David said...

Good looking hockey player!

michelle said...

I agree, cute PJs! And look at that smile! :)

It was fun hanging out with him this weekend - even if he made me super tired. Does he still say "beep beep"? too cute!