Thursday, March 10, 2011

3 Girls and a Guy

3 Girls and a Guy: Meaning, my sister, Michelle, her 2 DAUGHTERS!!! and David! :) Michelle and David found out yesterday that their little bun in the oven is another Girl! Yay! Very exciting for them. I'm glad they have everything they will need for baby girl #2, and can't wait to see how great the girls play together and get along, growing up so close in age. Congrats again Remillard family!

We're not up to much new this week. Ryan is still sleeping in our bed (really, is that a surprise to anyone??) and still being such a little goofball! Ryan has had imaginary friends for a long time now. "Guy" was Ryan's first friend. Guy went everywhere with us and Guy had to have all the same things (juice, blankets, toys) that Ryan had. Then we were introduced to "Rita." Rita is Ryan's girlfriend! Rita came into the picture after a trip to Chuck E. Cheese and it was no surprise that Rita worked at Chuck E. Cheese too!

Lately, Ryan has been riding his tricycle (or, dirt bike as Ryan calls it) in the kitchen/dining room while I'm either making dinner or folding laundry. Ryan has been talking to some new friends too! Now we have "Coocoobutt" and "Singy" as Ryan's friends that ride dirt bikes with him! On Tuesday night we called G.G. (my Grandma) to chat for a few minutes. While on the phone G.G. asked Ryan how Guy and Rita were doing. Ryan skipped over talking about them and told her about his new friends. This was the first G.G. was hearing about Coocoobutt and Singy! So G.G. asked again, "Where's Guy?" And Ryan's response......with a very serious look on his face......"Guy died." WHAT!? I tried not to laugh because I was honestly a little disturbed that my son's imaginary friend has died, and he's the only one of us who "sees" Guy. Should I be worried!?

I think I'll ask Ryan again tonight where Guy is at, see if I get the same response. :) Never a dull moment at our house!

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