Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A ghost!

This morning when I woke Ryan up to get dressed and hurry out the door (I was running late due to....well, nothing really, just too much time fixing my hair I suppose!), and let me remind you that Ryan is STILL sleeping in our bed, this is the conversation that took place:

Me: Good morning Sunshine, time to get up!

Ryan: No, I'm still sleeping.

Me: Well, you better wake up quick! I am running late and you need to get dressed before we leave.

Ryan: (Taking his sweet time rolling over/standing up/moving at all...) Momma, someone kicked me last night.

Me: What?!

Ryan: Yeah, in the night, someone kicked me.

Me: I can't imagine that happened Ryan. Maybe you kicked someone?!

Ryan: (Very serious look on his face.) Nope. It was you, or daddy.

Me: (Laughing.) Ryan. Daddy and I didn't kick you. It must have been a ghost!

Ryan: OH, YEAH. It WAS a ghost!

We are continuing to choose our battles and the bed in which the child sleeps, is not a battle I choose to take on at the moment. I know that if I ever want a good night's sleep again, I will eventually need to bite the bullet and put the child back in his own room. For now, the middle of my bed is just fine. Maybe we'll discuss the fact that big boys sleep in their own big boy rooms again tonight....but it usually doesn't get us very far!

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michelle said...

He certainly has quite the imagination!

I wonder if Natalie will take after him? She has been pretending to eat with her play kitchen stuff. She carries a bowl and spoon around the house "feeding" everyone (including her dolls)!