Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This past weekend I made a cute (and easy) Easter centerpiece for my kitchen table. It was so easy and I had a few supplies leftover that I decided I would go back to the store for a few more supplies to make 2 more baskets/centerpieces!

Today I brought 1 to work with me to give to my friend and co-worker. She was so happy! Her husband is deployed right now with the U.S. Navy and she's missing him terribly. It's nice to be able to do something small for a friend knowing that they will appreciate it so much! :)

And the 2nd basket/centerpiece is going to be delivered to Grammy & Papa's house tomorrow, an early gift from the Easter Bunny!


jennifer.f said...

Grammy and Papa love their Easter decoration. It looks great on the table. Thank you Patty and
Ryan. Love you

Tracy Reid said...

So Sweet Patty! Isn't it amazing how you can make someone's day by doing something so little! I love that about you! I still remember freshman year when you brought me a birthday card! That was THE SWEETEST surprise ever! After all those years...you still remembered :) I love you so much! xoxo