Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Did you know?

Today, as I wait patiently for Blogger to cooperate in uploading my pictures, I thought I'd share some information you may find useless but nonetheless information about me that you may not have ever known! Sounds fun, huh? So here we go:
  • I am still afraid of the DARK!
  • I have good intentions of cleaning the kitchen and running the dishwasher every night but usually I'm too lazy and let the kitchen stay dirty for a night (or two)!
  • I love to wear cowboy boots and own both a black and brown pair.
  • I have no intention of ever going back to college - should have done it right after high school but wasn't too interested then either.
  • I used to want to be on the reality show, Real World.
  • Driving sometimes stresses me out - I am definitely a road rager!
  • I wonder if it's normal to remember phone numbers of friends from high school, 10 years later? And am I the only person who still has the same cell phone number 10 years later?
  • I used to always have a pack of Big Red gum in my purse. I wonder when I stopped carrying it and chewing it?
  • I laugh at something Ryan says or does everyday.
  • I love to experiment with my hairstyles and color. In fact, I'm having it cut tomorrow and will probably dye it soon after.
  • I am obsessed with checking Blogger and Facebook as soon as I get to work everyday (shhh, don't tell) but hardly ever comment on my friends' blogs or Facebook status.
  • I am so glad my kid likes to go to bed at night. At least we only have to fight him on what to eat for dinner and not when to go to bed.
  • As I type this post, Ryan is sitting next to me flipping through the channels on the tv, stopping on ESPN of all things (just like his father!).

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know me a little better! As soon as I can get my pictures uploaded, I'll post about our recent weekend Sunday drive. Stay tuned...


michelle said...

I think I knew most of those things with the exception of the cowboy boots and Real World. I'm pretty sure the last cowboy boots I owned were white and were in our family picture from when I was like 8!

Also where on earth did we get the Big Red habit?? It's still the only flavor I buy, and when I'm hooked I can go thru a pack in a few days.

Where did you guys go on Sunday? I'm guessing there are pictures...

Patty said...

Haha - I got a comment on my cowboy boots yesterday so that's what made me think about writing that down. I wear them at least once a week to work!

Last Sunday we drove up past Kaweah Lake. It was a fun little drive and I have tons of pics to share but for some reason I'm having trouble uploading them correctly.

Tamara B said...

Okay, I would have never guessed the cowboy boots. And how do cowboy boots and the real world fit together???