Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Addition

My brother and sister-in-law, Kevin & Shannah, are expecting their first child this summer and we are so excited to meet him/her!

Kevin & Shannah --

When I asked Ryan, what do you think the baby will be, a boy or a girl?" he responded, "Yeah!" So I rephrased the question, "do you think it will be a boy?" to which he replied, "Yeah!" And then, "do you think it will be a girl?" and again he replied, "Yeah!" So apparently Ryan is still undecided on the decision! I, however, think we will be welcoming a nephew! Jake, on the other hand, thinks we will be welcoming a niece!

So will it be a a boy?
Or is it a girl?

Will we be buying trucks and tractors?

Or buying hairbows and tutus?

Whether we are wearing blue and welcoming our new nephew...
Or wearing pink to welcome our new niece...
We love you guys and can't wait to meet your bundle of joy!


Jennifer aka "Grammy" said...

Pink or Blue, either way, Dad and I are very excited and can hardly wait for our new grandbaby to get here.

michelle said...

Cute post! And I agree, we're excited and can't wait to meet him or her. It'll be fun to have a tiny baby around again!

Shannah and Kevin said...

Aww! This is a really sweet post, thanks Patty! Ryan is too funny. Maybe he needs to see us again to help him make his decision?!

I am going to go with your guess and say BOY. Kevin also says BOY (but I think he is saying that based on my firm belief that it's a boy). I believe Jake and only one of my friends thinks girl. Guess we will find out next week (not sure if you saw it on my blog, but the appt. is now on the 28th!).

Thanks again for this really thoughtful and adorable post. Boy or girl, this baby is already blessed with many people who love him/her and I am so happy to bring him/her into the family!