Friday, January 1, 2010

A late gift!

This post is brought to you by MY NEW LAPTOP COMPUTER! Yay! Our friends were here celebrating New Year's Eve with us last night and their daughter brought her laptop to keep her entertained. I told Jake this morning that I was a little jealous that she could sit on the couch and surf the net and that I wanted to be able to blog while laying in bed at night. SO, Jake did some research and we headed for Best Buy earlier today. The end result, my brand new laptop! It's actually our little Christmas present to each other - since we didn't really buy each other gifts this year. I Love It! We're laying in bed, Jake is watching ESPN and I'm clicking away on the computer - I love technology that lets me be comfy in bed and stay connected to the world! Haha!

Happy New Year all!


Shannah and Kevin said...

CONGRATS! I don't know what I'd do without our laptop! ENJOY!

Tamara B said...

cool deal! Thanks for posting about our fundraiser too. I got a nice email from Michelle. Happy New Year!

michelle said...

FANCY! Now that you don't need your other computer setup you can expand your craft room or have a room for baby #2 (hey an auntie can wish, right?).