Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcoming a Nephew!

Kevin and Shannah are having a Boy! They invited the family down to Round Table Pizza yesterday afternoon for a Gender Reveal Party. We arrived to find pink AND blue cupcakes decorated on the table, with pink AND blue jelly beans to snack on as well. They had each of us hold either a pink or blue cupcake (depending on what we thought the baby would be) and take a picture as a group for the baby book. Then they told us we had to wait until after lunch to find out girl or boy. When they brought out the pizzas, we quickly saw BOY spelled out with tomatoes and olives on each pizza! (I forgot to take my camera - sorry, no pictures from me!) It was a cute way to reveal the sex of the baby. And they wrote down their top boy names and let us give our input on what names we liked and which ones we disliked, OR to give suggestions of spellings or our own name ideas for Baby F.

We look forward to Baby F's arrival in June.

Congrats to Kevin & Shannah - boys are lots of fun! :)


Shannah and Kevin said...

Thanks Patty! Glad you guys had fun, we sure did. Thanks for coming and thanks for the beautiful blanket, I LOVE IT! I will post some photos here soon, although I did not get as many as I wanted... I was WAY to into the party and forgot all about taking photos!

Btw, did you find out about your friend?! I hope you did not have to wait long!

The Reids said...

So cute!! Boys in June!! I love it:)

Tamara B said...

that's so fun! I'm so not creative like that!