Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Movin' on up!

For the past week or so, Ryan has been napping at Nanny's house on the big kids' beds. He comes home in the evenings so excited to tell me that he's slept on the big bed! So Jake and I decided that we would finally take the front crib railing off Ryan's bed and replace it with the convertible rail. He can now climb into the bed by himself and he actually got in the bed several times this evening to play!

We gave Ryan very firm instructions that he can sleep in the big boy bed as long as he stays in bed all night and only gets up when Mommy or Daddy comes in to get him up. Tonight was the easiest bedtime routine in a long time. We brushed our teeth together, I changed him for bed, he gave his bedtime kisses and then climbed in bed and told me "goodnight". When I closed the door, for the first time in weeks, he did not cry! And 30 minutes into bedtime, he didn't get up even one time.

Our little boy is growing, growing, growing! Now that he's into his big boy bed - well, not technically, it's still the crib but now he's not "locked in" - maybe the next big step for me will be removing the changing table from his room that he outgrew a long time ago!


Shannah and Kevin said...

Way to Go Ryan! What a BIG BOY you've become (almost over night). We're so Proud of You & Love You! Hugs and High Fives!

Wow our nephews and niece are growing so fast! Uncle Kevin & Auntie Shannah are so PROUD! Keep up the good work Ryan & the diligence Mom/Dad and he'll be potty trained in no time, too!

CONGRATS to the 3 of You on Another Milestone!

michelle said...

Wow, such a big boy!! Thats great. How'd he do the last couple of nights?